Collection: Pterosaurs and Marine Reptiles

‘wing lizard’
Pterosaurs were not dinosaurs because their front limbs stretch out to the sides and they flew. Their bodies and parts of their wings were covered in hair-like filaments known as pycnofibers. Pterosaurs used to be seen as surface-feeding piscivores (fish-eaters). It is now thought that many pterosaurs groups were terrestrial carnivores (meat-eaters), omnivores (meat and plant eaters) or insectivores (insect eaters).


Many marine reptiles lived around the same times as dinosaurs, but they were not dinosaurs. They are reptiles that adapted for aquatic or semiaquatic life. They became so well adapted to their life in water that they became unable to venture onto land and gave birth in the water. There are still living marine reptiles including marine iguanas, sea snakes, sea turtles and saltwater crocodiles.