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Dinosaur Words Washi Tape

Dinosaur Words Washi Tape

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This super fun washi tape features dinosaurs and onomatopoeia words like splash, stomp and of course, roar! The dinosaurs and words are on a grey diagonal stripe background. The full pattern features 11 dinosaurs each with a word that describes a sound or action. 

Washi tape is a durable low tack paper tape that can be used to decorate journals, scrapbooking, add a decorative edge and can be used in craft projects.
As it is low tack it is not strong enough to seal postal boxes.

The tape comes in super special branded packaging (you can use the box to store the tape so it doesn't get fluff on it!)




Each roll is 1.5 cm wide and 10 m long

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Washi tape is packaged in small boxes

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