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Superhero Dinosaur Satin Hair Tie

Superhero Dinosaur Satin Hair Tie

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These super cool hair ties are bright and colourful and perfectly finish a ponytail or bun. 
The ties are handmade from custom-printed satin fabric with our exclusive superhero dinosaur pattern. The fabric is a very pale blue with brightly coloured dinosaurs in capes, gloves and superhero costumes.  The ties are double-sided, and each side is different.

Some of the dinosaurs are partially cut off depending on where the fabric was cut. 
Ties are sent at random. 

The tie is one piece and knotted around a thick dark brown hair elastic.


Satin tie with hair elastic


Each satin tie is approx 10 cm x 4 cm. The tie is one piece and tied in the centre around the hair elastic.
The hair elastic is approx 5 cm wide and 0.5 cm thick

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