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Snow Ball Fight Dinosaur Christmas Decoration

Snow Ball Fight Dinosaur Christmas Decoration

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These cute dinosaur Christmas tree decorations will add a sense of nostalgia reminding you of your childhood having snowball fights or dreaming of a white Christmas.

The decoration features a brown Bambiraptor holding a snowball that it is about to throw. It is surrounded by more snowballs, snow and trees. Each decoration hangs from a thin silk red ribbon.

Each decoration is made with responsibly sourced European birch plywood
Each decoration is blank on the back (wood finish)

As wood is a natural material, the grain of the wood is can be seen on both sides. Some areas of the print will appear to have lines in it, this is just the grain and is not a fault in the product. 


Decoration: Responsibly sourced European birch plywood
Ribbon: silk


7.6 cm wide x 4.4 cm high

3mm thick birch plywood, printed then laser cut

3mm red silk ribbon, hangs approx 10 cm when knotted

Shipping & Returns

Packed in a paper bag and shipped in a cardboard box
PLEASE NOTE: The wooden decorations can not be shipped to Australia due to customs restrictions

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