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Dinosaur Plant Accessory - Purple Germanodactylus

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This fun pastel purple Germanodactylus pterosaur ornament can be used for many decorative purposes! Add it to plant pots, garden beds, or your pen holder to brighten up your desk, garden, room or event! They are super cute and bright and will add colour to any room.

Laser-cut from 3mm thick acrylic
The Germanodactylushas has 1 stem so you can push it into the soil (or add it to a pen pot!)
One side of the dinosaur has a gloss finish and the other side has a matte finish.

Perspex is UV resistant so it won't fade
It is best to take your dinosaurs inside if there is frost or snow as this may make the acrylic brittle and cause it to beak
Please be careful with your dinosaurs as they can break if put under pressure or dropped
Wash in warm soapy water before and after use.

Plant, plant pot, pens and other props are not included


Laser-cut from 3mm thick acrylic perxpex


Purple Germanodactylus: 14 cm wide x 18 cm high x 3mm thick

Shipping & Returns

Each plant accessory is packed in a paper bag and shipped in a cardboard box

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