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Space Dinosaur Wrapping Paper

Space Dinosaur Wrapping Paper

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Make your presents galactic with our Space Dinosaur Wrapping Paper! Gift wrapping has never been cooler, featuring a stylish pattern of out-of-this-world dinosaurs soaring through the cosmos. Perfect for any dino-lover or space enthusiast! It's the ultimate way to take your gift giving to the next dimension!

This funny wrapping paper is perfect for anyone who loves space and dinosaurs. The space dinosaur wrapping paper features dinosaurs and a pterosaur in space boots, gloves, helmets and oxygen tanks. The paper has a dark blue background with stars scattered around the dinosaurs/pterosaurs.

The wrapping paper is blank on the reverse.


115gsm Silk finished paper


700mm x 500mm - folded down to A4 size
Each dinosaur is approximately 4.5 - 8 cm wide

Shipping & Returns

Folded to A4 size and shipped in a board back envelope

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