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Dinosaur Badge 5 Pack

Dinosaur Badge 5 Pack

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Size and back type

These packs of 5 colourful badges are perfect for party bags or to brighten up jackets and backpacks. The designs feature a brightly coloured background with a bright dinosaur on top. The dinosaurs extend off the edge of the design, 

Each pack contains one of each badge design, 5 badges in total.

Designs include:
Yellow background with purple Titanoceratops
Red/coral background with blue Cryolophosaurus
Green background with coral Miragaia
Purple background with green Ceratosaurus
Blue background with yellow Giraffatitan

Choose from 38 mm, 58 mm or 77 mm wide badges

Back options:
Safety badge (not available in 77 mm)

Badges are not toys and are not suitable for small children. The badges have a pin with a sharp functional point.


paper, plastic, metal


Badges: 38 mm, 58 mm or 77 mm wide

Shipping & Returns

Each pack of badges is packaged in a cello bag with header card and posted in a cardboard box

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