photo of Charlotte holding a mug with the Dinosaurs Doing Stuff logo in the background

Hi! I'm Charlotte

I am an illustrator of dinosaurs, designer, photographer, order packer, avid binge watcher, plant grower, wrapping paper folder extraordinaire. I can even pronounce Micropachycephalosaurus and spell it without Google!
I live in London with my tiny sidekick, Mia, and my husband/web guy, Anders.

All Dinosaurs Doing Stuff's products are illustrated in London. Care is given to select suppliers who use ethically responsible practices and use recycled and FSC certified papers or materials.

So...why Dinosaurs? Why not Dinosaurs!

When I moved to London in 2013 I couldn't bring all my tools with me (baggage allowances ugh!) so I started making jewellery from up-cycled materials. I made a couple of dinosaur pieces and they always got the most comments and attention at markets so I used the dinosaur designs and made some coasters. A friend purchased some of the coasters and jokingly requested I train the dinosaurs to do martial arts, fetch slippers and be toilet trained. I made some mini books with the dinosaurs doing these things and sent them off. The drawings were a hit and I made them into postcards and gift tags then began drawing more dinosaurs and made alphabet posters. Eventually the dinosaurs took over and I stopped making the original jewellery and focused on my illustrations.

Fast forward to today, I now have a toddler and a shop full of colourful dinosaurs on a wide range of products, including jewellery.

The request that started it all...
'I would like both Dinosaurs to be toilet trained, and proficient in martial arts, cookie making and fetching slippers. I would also like to know their family histories and place of birth. Ideally this would be in the form of a story book, because I only like to read when there are pictures beside the words'


hand on a spiral notebook drawing a dinosaurs surrounded by notebooks and a plant