Hand holding a chocolate cupcake with 5 washi tape flags coming out the top of it

Washi Tape Cupcake Flags

Quick and easy cupcake decorations made from washi tape

Want an easy and quick way to decorate cupcakes? Washi tape flags are perfect!  A roll of washi tape is usually 10 metres long, so you can make a lot of flags with just 1 roll which makes this a really cost-effective way to add some colour or a theme to basic cupcakes. These are perfect for kids parties, birthdays and baby showers. There are so many washi tape designs on the market so you can make your flags match just about any theme (I have obviously used my washi tape which you can buy here).


What you need:

what you need to make washi tape flags Washi tape
- Toothpicks or wooden skewers
- Scissors


How to make washi tape cupcake flag decorations:

scissors cutting washi tape fold washi tape over toothpick stick washi tape down

Step 1

Cut a length of washi tape double the length you want the flag to be plus a bit extra for trimming (if you want a 3 cm flag, cut 7cm). If your washi tape has an animal or a particular part of the pattern you want to show, you can cut it to show that part.

Step 2

Fold the washi tape over the toothpick and align the edges of both sides.

Step 3

Press the washi tape down making sure the two sides line up.
cut ends of washi tape washi tape flags washi tape flags in cupcake

Step 4

Cut the ends of the washi tape to even the two sides up.

Step 5

You can cut the ends however you like - zigzags, straight, triangle, fringe, wave, anything you like.

Step 6

Push the flags into cupcakes and you are finished!


- Washi tape can be a bit transparent so you can often see the design on the reverse side through the finished flags. To stop the designs from showing through, you can put a piece of paper between the washi tape layers then trim it down.
- To make really tall flags you can use long skewers, you can also cut them down to make them any length you like. 

Here is a cheeky sneak peek at my Halloween washi tape that will be released in late August! 

Halloween washi tape flags on a cupcake


Words and photos by Charlotte Najdecki

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